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Uniform Policy




All students will adhere to the following Uniform DressCode while attending classes, riding buses, or participating in any other official school function, unless otherwise indicated by the school administration.



1. Short or long sleeved knit polo style (with collar)(solid navy or white).

2. Long sleeved turtleneck or mock turtleneck style (solid navy or white).

· Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times.

· No tee shirts allowed.

· The school administration may set aside certain days where the official Brockington T-shirt may be worn as well as designated “dress down” days where students, either individually or collectively, may wear clothing of their choice (not to include tank, mesh, halter tops, or shirts with obscene or racial overtones).


· Boys may wear either long or short khaki or navy pants.

· Girls may wear khaki or navy pants, skirts, skorts, shorts, capris, crop pants or jumpers.

· Pants, skirts, skorts, shorts, capris, crop pants and jumpers may not be of nylon, denim, or latex materials, or any material, which clings to the student’sbody.

· Shorts, skirts, skorts, capris, and jumpers must be at least finger tiplength (as long as the tips of the student’s finger with their arms at their sides); however, shorts may not extend more than one inch pass the student’s knee.

· Belts must be worn if there are belt loops on the clothing, and must go through all loops.

· Suspenders/coveralls/overalls are not allowed.


Students must wear socks at all times (solid khaki, blue, black, or white only) with closed toe and closed heel shoes. Shower shoes or rubber flip flops are not permitted for playground safety.


· Sweatshirts (navy blue, white, black, gray or khaki) allowed.

· Students may wear a sweater of any style (cardigan,zippered,crew,vest,etc.) (navy blue, white, black, gray or khaki) over any uniform shirts.

·  Students may wear jacket and coats of any style (except those with obscene or racist overtones) to school, as well as use gloves/galoshes/umbrellas of their choice, as weather directs. They must be navy blue, white, black, gray or khaki if they will be worn in the hallways or related arts classes.


· If a medical or religious objection or other personal hardship situation exists, parents must contact the school.



No student shall be denied attendance at Brockington or penalized for failure to wear a uniform for reason of financial hardship. The school shall make efforts to assist parents who cannot afford uniforms by the following procedures:

· Any parent in need of financial assistance shall notify the school. The need must be clearly established with the principal or his/her designee, as the school is not expected to incur the parental responsibility of providing school clothing for students.

· The school shall work with staff, the local school community, and business partners to identify resources for assisting families.

· The PTO or other school volunteers may be asked to coordinate the effort to provide needed assistance.




· Prior to initiating any disciplinary action against a student not complying with the Uniform Dress Code, a conference with the parent will beheld to solicit parental cooperation and support.

· No students shall be considered non-compliant when they wear the uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on a regular meeting day.

· Without exception, violations of the Uniform Dress Code will be handled at the discretion of and in a manner determined by individual teacher, school administration, and/or School LeadershipTeam. Any appeals regarding specific disciplinary action related to Uniform Dress code violations may be handled by parents addressing in writing to the School Leadership Team, whose decision is final.