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Fun activities for you and your elementary school child

  1. Make tonight a 'No TV' night with your family. Ask your child to help select games or stories, and spend some quality time with them.
  2. Help boost your child's self-esteem. Take pride in their achievements and accomplishments today and every day.
  3. Make learning to write letters and numbers fun for your child.
  4. Ask your child to help make dinner.
  5. Go to the park and take a nature hike with your child today. Ask them to point out different animals and what they need to survive (i.e. food, shelter etc.
  6. Encourage your child to make a 'to do' list today. Help them make a list of things that they would like to accomplish tomorrow, then check the items once completed.
  7. Help your child make a kite today. They can decorate it and fly it at the park.
  8. Teach your child about recycling. Show them how to recycle items such as paper, plastic and glass.
  9. Take your child to a petting zoo today. Ask them to draw pictures of the animals that they saw today.
  10. On a rainy day, set up a tent with your child in the living room. They can pretend to be a forest ranger.
  11. Help your child practice their math skills. Ask them to add up all the change in your pocket or purse today.