Parent FAQ & Answers

Parent FAQ & Answers
Posted on 08/28/2020
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BEMS Families,
Please click here for information about our LEAP days for Virtual students and Face-to-Face students.

We want to thank BEMS parents for emailing some very good questions regarding the LEAP days for Face-to-Face (Temporary e-Learning Students.)
There is so much to think about during this process. It takes us working together.
1. Are students expected to be dressed in uniforms as if it is a regular school day?

We would like to give the students a sense of normalcy. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to be dressed in their uniforms. The uniform specifications were listed on page two of the supply list.

We do realize that there is a REAL financial struggle for many families right now. Some may not have purchased uniforms yet. Please, if you have not purchased uniforms, do not put yourself in a financial bind for one day. Once we know we are returning to school for face-to-face instruction, then we will expect full compliance to the uniform requirements. With this in mind, we are going to trust that parents will be honest and make the appropriate decision regarding the wearing of student uniforms for the LEAP days.

2. Will the buses run for these 2 days or will parents be responsible for transportation?

The district will provide bus transportation for the LEAP days for the students who have been registered to be bus riders. If you did not complete a district transportation form, your child will not be able to ride the school bus.

3. Are the students required to bring any material/school supplies, book bags (particularly water bottles) with them on those days?

For the LEAP Days, we do recommend students bring their book bags. They will return home with their iPads and textbooks.
Due to COVID-19, all water fountains will NOT be operational. Therefore, YES students may bring water bottles.

4. Will the normal procedures be in place on those days such as temperature checks and social distancing?

Most definitely! For the LEAP Days, the social distancing guidelines will be enforced. However, temperature checks will NOT be conducted upon entry. If the child begins to exhibit symptoms of any illness, protocols will be implemented to protect students and staff.