Principal's Vision

Principal’s Vision for BEMSST
B- Building
E- Educated
M -Minds
Students and


·        A school with a warm, safe and welcoming atmosphere.

·        A school with staff that are professional, who work and plan cooperatively, and always seek what is best for students.

·        A school where the work that the students do is engaging and important, that challenges the students meet their potential and allows no time for inappropriate behavior.

·        A school where data is valued, and utilized to ensure ongoing, consistent improvement both for the individual student and the school as a whole.

·        A school where teachers are provided the resources, training, and support that is needed to enable them to grow professionally and to implement the best practices for our students.

·        A school where staff and parents work together, respect one another, and put the good of the student first; remembering that the public is our customer.

·        A school that sets the example for others to follow in terms of academic rigor, providing new opportunities for students, and in teacher quality.

·        A school that develops students’ abilities to set goals, refine them through teacher feedback, and achieve their dreams.

·        A school where parents are a vital part of the students learning and feel welcome to participate in school activities.

·        A school where students learn to communicate effectively, think critically, solve problems, be responsible, and respect one another.

·        A school where community resources are utilized to ensure student success.